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Pre 1979 code: VLX

Over 600 of these 40' louvre vans were built between 1962 and 1968. Known as VLF the first couple of years before becoming known as VLX until recoded in 1979 as VLCX. 20 longer versions were built around the same time, coded VHX, later becoming VLDX. In the early 1970's 250 56' louvre vans were built, coded VSX and later VLEX.

Model manufactured by: Fybren Models

The VLX was originally produced by Fybren VLX quite some time ago, predating the VLDX and VLEX models by Aust-N-Rail. The kit comprised sides, ends, roof and floor as separate components, though quite easy to glue together.

Aust-N-Rail was selling these until fairly recently and has now released a 2-piece kit comprising a polyurethane body and a polyurethane floor, similar to the VLDX and VLEX kits from Aust-N-Rail.