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Used for transporting grain.

With over 17,000 GY's made, these were a common site around the state, carrying wheat. Manufactured between 1939 and late 1950s. Originally painted red, the yellow stripe was added to show the wagon is grain-proof, distinguishing them from other similar wagons. From about 1970, they were painted yellow.

Model manufactured by: Aust-N-Rail

These are ready-to-run models by Aust-N-Rail - the first mass-produced N scale model of Australian rolling stock. Available in red or yellow. So just visit your local shop (or mail-order from www.aust-n-rail.plann.com.au) and plonk them straight on the track. Gee, that feels good instead of having to put hours into putting a model together, painting and detailing (although there is as different sort of satisfaction in seeing the fruits of your labour running).