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Post 1979 code: VOCX

These open bogie wagons were built in the 1960s and 70s, with some still in operation today. In recent years, many have been stripped down for use as container flats such as RKLX and VQOF.

Model manufactured by: Aust-N-Rail

Another ready-to-run model from Aust-N-Rail. Shown here is the original VR form, one from the V-Line era with doors removed and a South Australian version of the same wagon.

These are available in the following forms:

With doors -
ELX in VR and South Australian Railways (grey) liveries;
VOCX in VR and V/Line liveries;
VOFX plain with decals provided;
ROBX in V/Line livery; and
AOBX in Austalian National green livery.

With doors removed -
VKOX in V/Line livery;
RKBX in Austalian National livery; and
RKUX in plain and V/Line liveries.