Worthwhile Links.

Other modellers: You are not alone. There is a thriving community of N scalers modelling Victorian and Australian trains. Plenty of people have already found and solved every problem you're likely to find so get the solution the easy way - ask someone who already knows.
Victorian N Scale Collective: The place to be to keep in touch with what's happening in N Scale Victorian Railways. Best thing I ever did was joining these guys. I wondered at first how a beginner would fit in with the experts but these guys are actually quite normal and will talk to anyone about trains. (OK, maybe that's not normal.)
Yahoo Group: The Australian N Scale Yahoo discussion group is an active group with discussion topics including modelling tips and information about models being released or planned by the Australian manufacturers. Certainly worth while.
Where to get Australian N Scale models and kits: Support your local hobby shop as much as you can. (Thanks Steve&Co at Branchline for your assistance and advice.) They provide us a great service and deserve our support in return. But they often don't stock a great deal in Australian N Scale so mail order is part of the game. If you worry about mail order, relax, it works fine, get used to it. Try a small order first, if you like.
Aust-N-Rail: Australian N Scale would be nowhere without Rob. Essential.
Spirit Design: Every rural Australian layout needs a windmill or two. Lot's of great stuff here, with a little bit of extra detail yet still easy to do. Lots of 4 wheelers. I was planning a later era than this but this stuff is too good to ignore.
SAR N Scale Detailers: The place to go for anything related to SCT trains and South Australian wagons. Many of these did or do find their way into Victoria.
Pete Boorman: Another of the key manufacturers of Australian gear.
Pallas Hobbies: Sells just about everything in way of Australian N scale rolling stock and scenery items. The price list is a quicke summary.
N-Trains: NSW gear. They also sell Aust-N-Rail kits - ask for price list.
Frate-N: Ready-made, ready to go but mostly NSW. OK for modern era Victoria.
Real trains: - Hey, it's worth knowing a bit about them! There are a few worth while sites if you try google. Here are my favourites:
Mark Bau's VR Website I learnt heaps from here. Thanks, Mark.
Peter Vincent's Website This is a must for anyone even slightly interested in Victorian Railways. You can't beat Peter for information about rolling stock.
Aus Locomotive Page This was a valuable site covering all Australian locomotives, hosted by Railpage until its unfortunate demise. John Cleverdon has been unable to sustain the full Locopage site and now has this cut down site. I have not yet gone through the database John has available here to assess its value. Sad to see the rest of it has gone to heaven.
Vicsig Information about rolling stock, operations, suburban sparks, freight and lots more.
V/Line Cars Everything about V/Line Passenger service.