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G Class locos arrived on the scene in mid 1980's, used on freight trains throughout the state. G512 is one of the first batch of G class locomotives (G511-G515), similar to the BL locomotives ordered in SA around the same time. There were 4 batches of G class locos introduced into Victoria from mid to late 1980s, totaling 33 locomotives. There are minor variations between the batches.

Model construction notes:


Body This is a Ready-to-run version, superseding Aust-N-Rail's kit version released several years back. Sure saves a lot of effort.
Mechanism This loco is designed to fit on an Atlas SD7 or equivalent mech. The Atlas mech is a class above the Life Like SD7 used in the earlier G class kit and some other kits but has a price tag to match.

Assembly guide

Fitting a DCC Decoder

Atlas SD7s are "DCC ready", having a circuit board at the top with LEDs fitted for headlights. DCC circuit boards such as DN163A0 can be swapped in fairly easily by loosening the screws between the two halves of the chassis, just enough to release the circuit board and slip in the new one.

However, there are some catches. You may need to scrape a little more plastic from the inside of the roof to allow a bit more leeway, particularly for the LEDs.

The other area if concern is the electrical contacts on the DCC circuit board. Apparently the Digitrax boards are a little on the thin side, which can result in poor electrical contact. If you can turn the lights on and off but the motor does nothing, then try a bit of solder on the contact pads on the circuit board and/or the motor contacts so there will be more contact between them when the circuit board is put in place. (Tip from Steve at Branchline.) If you can't even turn the lights on, the problem is likely to be the electrical contact between the DCC board and and chassis sides. Try a dab of solder on the appropriate contact pads on the circuit board.