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X Class locomotives first appeared in 1966. Most are still in service today, some having been rebuilt as XR series. X Class locomotives have been used for passenger and freight service on standard and broad gauge.

X37 is the first of the second series (X37-X44), commencing service in 1970. The third series came into service in 1975/76.

Model construction notes:


Ready to run model by Powerline.

Degree of Difficulty

Really easy. Take it out of its box, put it on the track and switch the power on.
One flaw with these models is that the couplers may be slightly out of gauge. You may find the coupler slightly high, though I've had no troubles running mine with my rolling stock. The cause is the mechanism hitting the inside top of the body casting. The remedy is to find where they touch, trim a little plastic from the underside of the roof, taking care not to go right through, or from the top of the mech or both. I haven't done any of this and my trains run fine though it could be troublesome on a layout that has uneven track work.